SEO Cape Town

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What is SEO?

You search “SEO Cape Town” and…

…your search engine of choice dished up some results for you. This page is called the SERP – or the Search Engine Results Page. 

The search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo often need to sort through millions of results and ‘decide’ which ones to show first. 


This decision is made by an algorithm. Google’s algorithm updates on average 5-9 times a day and has over 200 ranking factors. Essentially, Search Engines are the internet’s filing systems. 

They exist to understand and organise all the internet’s content. 

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation.”

SEO is the practice of creating the most optimal website for the searcher (you and me) and for search engines (Google) with the goal of increasing website traffic and brand exposure through “organic” (non-paid) search.

It’s the job of the SEO Specialist to discover what your customers are searching for, create content that best serves their needs and to deliver it in a way that search engines can find and understand. 

Technical SEO

A website must meet the technical needs of search engines. Important elements of Technical SEO include crawling, indexing, rendering, and site architecture, all of which keep your website well oiled.


On-Page SEO

The fundamental purpose of a website is to serve a visitor. On-page SEO ensures that individual webpages meet both search engines and user needs. SEO-freindly URLs, Title tags and UX are all on-page examples.

Off-Page SEO

Refers to anything external that contributes to improved search rankings like brand mentions, backlinks, citations, video and social media shares. Google sees this as votes and social proof which helps ranking.

Why Start with an SEO Audit?

SEO should never be a guess.  

A good SEO company (like GrantPlant *hint hint) starts every campaign with an audit. 

Using professional tools we analyse every aspect of your website: backlinks, keywords, competitors and more. 

From this, we design a custom SEO Package and implement a strategy aimed to achieve your unique business goals. 


Why the Keyword SEO Cape Town?

Keywords are the heart and soul of SEO. As an SEO company in Cape Town my ideal customer is you, the Capetonian business owner.

I know that “SEO Cape Town” and “SEO Company Cape Town” are keyword phrases that business owners search for, and I know approximately how often they are searched for every month. 

To benefit from Google’s organic search traffic, I analyse the keyword data using premium tools and then create optimised content around the topics most relevant to my business.

If my website is technically sound, loads fast, is easy to navigate and the content meets the human searcher’s needs better than my competitors, then Google will reward this with page 1 rankings for my chosen search phrase. 

Simple Right?

The process I follow for my business is no different from the process that I follow for yours. 

That’s how I know it works. My techniques are tried and tested. 

However, that’s not to say the process is simple, or easy.  Some industries and search terms are far more competitive than others. While content is king there are still over 200 factors used to rank websites and these are continuously changing.

The Smart SEO builds a strategy that focusses on the factors most likely to move the SEO needle. This is unique for every business.

Be very cautious of one-size-fits-all SEO Pricing. Insist on a custom solution. 

Is the SEO Working?

This is an important question.

Not all traffic is equal. Unless you’re running a purely ad-based website, traffic for traffic-sake is meaningless.

So, it’s important to define what ‘working’ means and from this definition establish goals which can be tracked as conversions.

These goals should be defined and set up in Google Analytics at the start.

Ultimately, online marketing and SEO aims to increase goal conversions. A good strategy considers people at various stages of the buyer’s journey and creates and leverages traffic at each stage.

Want more 5 star reviews? Provide exceptional value for free  to people not looking to buy anything and leverage the power of reciprocity.

In other words, capture and utilise excess ‘non-sales’ traffic in a way that benefits both the user and your business. This is a huge win-win opportunity that many business owners miss. 

Conversions don’t only mean sales. 




Search Analysis

Keyword research and competitor analysis is the power-house foundation of any SEO campaign.  We uncover hidden opportunities and discover what your customers are already searching for. 


SEO Strategy

Armed with these carefully extracted data, we now develop and implement our stellar SEO strategy.  We’re aiming for high-impact actions that lead to increased conversions.


Measure & Report

This is a critical stage in the SEO life-cycle. We use analytics data to measure our strategic actions and tweak accordingly.  SEO is an adaptive process which needs to evolve over space and time. 

Local SEO Cape Town

One of the most powerful ways to get found as a local business in Cape Town is with the “local pack” otherwise known as the “Google Map Pack.” Ranking for keywords like “paragliding” or “SEO Cape Town” for example not only helps with organic search results but build immediate trust with searchers. Couple that with a Stellar Review Strategy and you’ll have your competitors light years behind.